Upstate Crew: Meet Hannah

Upstate Crew: Meet Hannah

Meet Hannah! 

Our fun loving, pilates instructor from Balaclava.

Get to know Hannah and what she loves about the new Upstate Sport range!

Tell us about what class styles teach, how you started teaching and what you enjoy the most about it?

I initially started out as a dancing teacher, teaching ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. A few years ago I got a knee injury and turned to Pilates, I haven’t looked back since!

What is your favourite way to move and sweat? 

My favourite way to move and sweat at Upstate is by getting into the mat room - I tend to begin easing my way into the week with a Hot Power Flow, followed by a power or hot pilates class later on in the week to have a really good sweat sesh.

Tell us about your favourite product in the Upstate Sport launch collection and why? 

The pocket leggings are my absolute favourites, they are super comfortable and I love the colour scheme.

What is most important to you when choosing activewear?

When choosing my activewear products I look for something supportive that allows me to move freely.

From the Upstate Sport range, which pieces would you recommend for Pilates?

The all black tights and both of the sports bras are the pieces I would highly recommend although everything from the range is great.

What do you do to help find your upstate of mind?

To find my Upstate of mind I take deep breaths whenever I feel stressed or uneasy and I try to get to as many classes as I can as this helps to clear my mind.

Do you have any daily rituals? (e.g daily movement, daily meditation etc etc) 

Every morning I try to wake up an hour before schedule so I have some time to myself which allows me to ease into my day. I try to start each day with green tea and a healthy breakfast.

Favourite Instagram pages that you follow?

@melissawoodhealth - such an inspiring, awesome page.

Favourite song to workout to? 

There are too many to choose from!! If i had to name a few it would have to be ‘Ride on time’ by Black Box and Call on me by Eric Prydz

Favourite coffee spot?

My go to for coffee is usually the Albert Park Deli and Hot honey in Middle Park which are nice and close to me.

Favourite brunch spot?

Alimentari in Fitzroy has always been a favourite of mine.